North Bellingen

New seedlings at The Point, April 2009.

Bellinger River

Autumn at the Western End of Bellingen Island, May 2012.

What, us?

Future environmentalists, July 2004. Interested in becoming a member?

Regenerating Bellingen, one plant at a time

Bellingen High School, July 2002

Madeira Vine!

There’s a lot of Madeira Vine around Bellingen and the region and it’s never more noticeable than in early autumn when the flowers come out.

Madeira Vine (Anredera cordifolia) is a particularly vigorous climber and if left unchecked it has the potential to choke even the largest of forest trees. At our Western End of Bellingen Island site we dealt with vines as thick as a man’s wrist completely smothering huge old Casuarinas.

In case you’re not sure how to identify Madeira here’s what it looks like full flower.

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